Inspirational Quote #2

This quote is about never giving up, no matter how big your dreams are. We’ve all experienced rejection, failed and made mistakes, and it’s not the happiest feeling there is, however the important thing is to get back up and try again because you’re time will always come. It might not happen straight away but your time will come.


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Inspirational Quote #1

Since I already post book-related quotes, I’ve decided to also start posting other generally inspirational quotes. I know this is a book blog but it’s not wrong to also showcase all the other sayings that inspire us. Here’s the first installment. Enjoy!




Honesty is definitely the best policy. Thank you. Like, Comment, Follow. If you like.


Book Exchange Booth


So I recently came across this very cool idea…The Book Exchange Booth. If you haven’t heard of it before, the concept is simple. The Book Exchange Booth is a renovated Phone Booth that is stocked with books people don’t need anymore, the way it works is that if you own a book that you don’t want anymore you can place it in The Book Exchange Booth and exchange it with a book, there,that you would like to read. This way many people can own and read physical books they want, for free, and get rid of books they don’t want, that someone else might like.

The reason I shared this idea, is even though it might not be compatible everywhere, it would work great in a neighborhood or a village etc… So if this is suitable in your area, you can choose to collaborate with your neighbors to create something like this, that could benefit you and many other people and spread reading.

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Book Bucket List


I have always wanted to create a bucket list because they allow you to experience new things and take risks. So I sat down and thought about what challenges and goals I wanted to set for myself and then… it came to me. What could be better than a book themed bucket list?

So I sat down and wrote a list of book-related challenges that I would, hopefully, try to accomplish throughout the course of this year.These book challenges not only help me but they allow me to aid and encourage people to read more books. Have a look:

1. To read 60 books this year.

2.To read more Classics.

3. To read more non-fiction.

4.To write a letter to thank an author that wrote a book that affected me.

5. To help people who avoid reading, discover books that they will enjoy and find pleasure in reading.

6. To read for younger children.

7. To join a book club.

8. To create a book club.

9. To try and read as much of a variety as I can

10. To develop this blog and create a community where I can share ideas with book-lovers.

I feel like this would help me develop my bookish personality.These goals seem broad but every time I accomplish one of these targets I will post a blog explaining it in more detail and how I reached it.Did you find the idea thought provoking? Are you planning on making a book bucket list? Share your thoughts in the comment section.Thank you for reading!