Inspirational Quote #1

Since I already post book-related quotes, I’ve decided to also start posting other generally inspirational quotes. I know this is a book blog but it’s not wrong to also showcase all the other sayings that inspire us. Here’s the first installment. Enjoy!




Honesty is definitely the best policy. Thank you. Like, Comment, Follow. If you like.



Thank you


I just felt like I should thank everyone who’s followed me, liked or commented on a post. Each one of these actions do put a smile on my face. This being a fairly new blog, I could not be more grateful to know, that there are amazing people, out there, reading my posts and hopefully enjoying them. It’s also great to know that I am part of this community with people who share a mutual appreciation of reading. Sometimes you have to stop and thank people who have made you smile so,here’s a giant THANK YOU! I hope you enjoy future posts!

The Liebster Award

I’ve been nominated for the Liebster award.The Liebster Award is an award that is given to fairly new bloggers. They are nominated by other bloggers which I feel makes it a more special and meaningful award.So that’s pretty nice. There are a set of rules to this award, and they are:

*Note this was the set of rules I was given, The Liebster award does have different sets of rules, like here I don’t have to write 11 facts about myself.

1.You have to thank the blogger that nominated you.

2.Answer 11 questions, that are given to you by this blogger.

3.Then you have to nominate 11 other blogs with less than 500 followers.

4. Post 11 questions for your nominees to answer.

5. Tag your nominees and post a comment on their blog notifying them that they’ve been nominated by you.

I was nominated by the wonderful Sassy Bookworm, who has made me feel so welcome and nominated me for this blogging award. I have been reading her blog all day and you should check it out because it’s content is awesome, she is a very talented writer/blogger and from what I’ve seen a really cool and amazing person. So, thank you!

The 11 questions she set me are as follows:

1) If you could replay one day of your life, what day would it be and why? I’m not sure but it’d probably be the day of my school’s British Section Award Ceremony, I had received the most excellence awards in my year group, and I would chose it because I had made my family really proud and put a smile on their faces. On a more broad level,if I could replay one day, it would probably be any of the days I achieved something remarkable or helped someone because it’s nice to be and make someone happy.

2) Where is your favorite place?I would say the bookstore in my local area but I’ll think of something more exciting. I actually have two places, and I can’t pick one.I really like the gardens in the Palace of Versailles in France, you can go canoeing in the lake and feed the birds. It’s just so beautiful and spectacular! I also love the Cotswolds in the U.K. The countryside is just gorgeous and it’s a very relaxing and refreshing place.

3) What would be your last meal? My last meal would be lunch and it would probably consist of a dish of egg chicken noodles because it just tastes so good and my side drink would be any kind of Iced Tea.

4) What would you like to be remembered for? I would like to be remembered for writing novels that have affected the lives of many people and inspired them. Or basically anything that has helped many around the world and improved their lives.

5) If you could live in any book, what book would it be and why? I really can’t choose, I’m very indecisive when it comes to book related questions, but I’d probably love to live in the Divergent world because it is just so exciting, I’d probably end up in Candor but then they’ll discover I’m Divergent and hunt me down. Or maybe the world of Throne of Glass,because it’s just so interesting and complex but I don’t think I’d survive. Don’t get me wrong I do actually like to think that I would survive in these worlds but…err….I don’t think so…

6) What is the craziest thing you have done in your life so far? I wouldn’t describe myself as the most adventurous person, so the craziest thing would probably be riding a really fast wooden roller-coaster. It was really rickety and I felt like the cart was going to tip over. It was fun though!

7) Regardless of what qualifications you need or pay, if you could have any profession what would it be?Author, I would love to become an author and write books that people would find worthwhile and enjoyable. I want to inspire people through my writing and create a haven for them in my stories.

8) What would be your perfect first date? I have no idea but it would probably be in a foreign country, so that means having a dinner by the River Seine in Paris, with the view of the Eiffel Tower at night with all the pretty lights and there’d also be a firework display. I know, my perfect first date is like something out of a book or movie, but one can dream. Generally I think a date with a good conversational topic is perfect.

9) If you could live in the future for one day, what year or event would you fast-forward to? I absolutely have no idea, it would probably be something weird, like a book I like’s sequel release date. Or maybe fast-forward to the day I get my I.G.C.S.E results. I really don’t know. I’ll probably think of something better later.

10) How would you describe yourself, and do you think other people would describe you in the same way? Creative and Weird.I think these two words describe me well, I love any form of creativity: Music, Art, Literature etc… and weird because I tend to be very random at inappropriate times and situations. I’m not really sure what people would describe me as but if they do I think they would include at least one of the things I see in myself in their description.

11) If you could un-do any mistake what would it be? I wouldn’t un-do any of my mistakes, even if they caused me problems, because had it not been for these mistakes I would not have learnt or become the person I am today. That sounds cliché but I honestly believe that mistakes are essential for one’s learning.

So that was my response, I hope you enjoyed it! I’ll be publishing a post soon about the 11 blogs I’m tagging and the questions I’m giving them. So look forward to that.

*Note that the Liebster award is not a physical award but just away other blogs help new blogs they like to get noticed and receive some recognition.

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