Book Quote #7

I know I’ve been posting a lot of and only book quotes, lately, but don’t worry, I’ll be having a few exciting full-length posts coming soon. Anyways, enjoy this quote. Thank you!



Thank you


I just felt like I should thank everyone who’s followed me, liked or commented on a post. Each one of these actions do put a smile on my face. This being a fairly new blog, I could not be more grateful to know, that there are amazing people, out there, reading my posts and hopefully enjoying them. It’s also great to know that I am part of this community with people who share a mutual appreciation of reading. Sometimes you have to stop and thank people who have made you smile so,here’s a giant THANK YOU! I hope you enjoy future posts!

Book Rant: Cover Changes


I’m sure you have seen many people complain about this issue, and now you get to see me complain about cover changes,as well, and why I loathe them.

I sort of understand why they would change a cover. I  think it’s because we are human, most of us judge things by the way they look and that is no exception with books. So I feel like when they change a cover, they do that so it would appeal to a wider audience than the first one and make it more likely that a person would pick it up just by looking at it, which happens a lot of times.

Mindless of that, I find Cover Changes to be my biggest book pet peeve. Of course it’s the context that matters, I am usually not one to judge a book by it’s cover but I hate it when books in a series don’t match. It just bugs me.  What annoys me even more is when they release the updated cover in paperback for the first book but fail to print it in hardback and then I’m stuck with books that look like they don’t belong together.

This was quite a short post but I hope you enjoyed it.

P.S. I don’t mean to be all negative, I just thought it would be fun to share my biggest book pet peeve. Comment down below and tell me yours. Like, Share and Follow me. If you like. Thank you.

What is a 5 Star Book?

Gold star

What makes a book worthy of 5 stars? You may ask. Well, there is no actual answer to your question because what a book should have for it to be deserving of 5 stars can differ from one person to another. It just depends on you, at times you might find that many people will agree with you and at other times they can strongly disagree. However, you see, it doesn’t matter what they think because people have different tastes and opinions. Take for example a very controversial book , we’ll call it ‘Book A’, some people really enjoy it but others strongly dislike it. Say you dislike it and you think it’s pointless, with no actual 5- star worthy plot. Now let’s say you absolutely adore a book, you think it’s an excellent story and all. We’ll call it ‘Book B’, you love it but many other people dislike it, it’s the exact same case with a person who likes ‘Book A’. Different people will see different things in a book, they’ll interpret the story differently, just because you dislike it or like it doesn’t mean another person will have the same opinion.

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